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As business owners and managers we come across problems each and every day that impact our business profitability, growth and image. When these problems arise how do you make your decisions? How do you know that you are making the best decision for the circumstance? Unfortunately there is no crystal ball, and no handbook with directions on how to handle every situation. Business Advice is here to help you develop the tools to make sound decisions. We do not claim to have all the answers but we have many years of experience dealing with those common problems that everyone experiences and if we can help you avoid some pitfalls then we have been successful!

I knew that I wanted to be a manager at an early age by attending Navy Cadets. After just a few weeks I decided that it was better to lead than to follow. Though I learned some valuable skills during my time in cadets, I really learned that I prefer to control my destiny and so I embarked on a career path that would allow me to lead.

Though I would never suggest that my leadership and management skills are world class, I feel that I have a lot to share with those who are interested.

Solutions to Common Business Problems

I am going to break down a few basic fundamental rules that should govern how you run and manage your business.

Do not be afraid to make money! I know this sounds strange, but your service has value to your customers so do not be afraid to charge for it.

Offer a fair price for the products you offer. Yes you can get rich by scamming people but in the long run that business model doesn't pay.

Go the extra mile for your customers. Many businesses claim they go the extra mile, but most do not know what that means. Take the time to learn what your customers expect and exceed that expectation.

Stand up for yourself. Make sure that you stand your ground when needed. If a vendor, customer or employee step over the line you must take decisive action to correct the behaviour.

Put yourself in your customers, employees and vendors shoes and try and see things from their viewpoint. You will be surprised how much this will benefit your business.